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The truth

Most people hear and see what they want in most capacities of life...they don't see universal truth and reality.. they engage in false realities for being comfortable in delusion and desires...many people are more connected to who they want to be or used to be rather than who they are in this moment...that would involve a look in a mirror...and people only like to utilize mirrors when they involve putting on some form of a mask or dress rehearsal. The mask is a form of survival many times to maintain autonomy in whatever groups or environments people identify with, this is not about a right or wrong behavior this in many cases is about people pleasing, self hate and lack of self love which will give a clear indication to where you are spiritually and the level of alignment there is within ones self. Being in a position that holds high levels of being inauthentic are not in alignment with spirit and should be handled accordingly. Being too invested in allowing the norms of society to dictate and tell you who you are and what to be and believing it, shows high levels in not being in alignment, on this journey we all cross paths with individuals who will trigger us to face who we are or to be a example for those who need to. Many of this communication is based upon observation and if you are not properly aligned within , you may feel insecure or even agitated by another person in their experience of assuming position of one's self. It is your job on this journey to evolve in your human experience, your evolution is for you to be a better version of your past versions of yourself, not be better than your friends and competing with lovers, those are actions of a insecure spirit who seeks validation through pain, sometimes its you attempting to feel a void with another's pain, sometimes its you attempting to feel a void with false moments of gratifying pleasures in the name of your own pain. The void will not be filled properly either way because the intention and the process is jaded, it is flawed and filled with false perceptive love examples. If you do not love yourself it will show in how you love others. If you don't value your self it will show in how you value others. If you can not see the realities and truth of your world in the moment that exist, the present moment. Rather that be misery, pain or peace, you will not access proper alignment within your own self. It is so easy for many people to see the realities of others when they give room to show them in a higher position of anything if in fact they are not being authentic in their spiritual walk. There is no true spirituality based in lies. Or pretending. To be truly spiritual is to be organic, to operate as ones self no matter how you put it, being fraudulent in your self awareness is not spiritual. This has nothing to do with physical items, worldly possessions, this has everything to do with intention, accountability, acceptance and self love. This has everything to do with being self aware. The ability to retain water while watering, the ability to light a fire for self and others with out burning the environment down, the ability to sustain a proper foundation and assist in building another's, the ability to speak and the listen, to comprehend with no words, to commit to the process of honoring humanity. When a spiritual being having a human experience is there is an ability to honor the process of life the pain, the joy, the constant change that takes place and to be honest about this reality, not right , not wrong just honest, simply aware. To find magic in every moment, to be inspired by all transition, to be a in alchemy for the birth and the death of all physical things.

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