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Lifes Experiences and Perspectives👑

Experience is a great teacher

Experience is aligned with perspective

Experience is LIFE🎓


I was on one of my weekly walks last week and a thought came to me. I was pondering on life, on my life. The events of my life. And I had this thought, "Life is literally a collection of experiences/Perspectives". We are born with no control to what family we are born in, our living conditions and treatment as children, then based off that experience we have a perspective of where we stood in all those experiences. Some good and bad, all still based within our own perception of what we deem to be good or bad, or what indoctrination we still hold on to. Then if we survive we begin to live our life with in our means of self control or destruction due to our decisions and we continue to build on that life experience. I believe that some people are able to process their experiences and use them for a benefit to themselves and others, these people are the cycle breakers, the lovers, very much so strong and operate from a optimistic view of life. Sometimes these type of individuals go for years bottling up every emotion and one day they begin to unpack the "emotional luggage". In order to heal or deal with any perceptions or feelings that are not beneficial to growth and healing. Others will look for a person or people to blame out of their own shame, guilt and bottled up views of their life and sometimes these can be experiences meant to be beneficial such as always hearing yes as a child or being spoiled. Although the intention was from a place to provide a "good" experience but the perception and truth may be very different for the Person that is receiving versus giving this energy. Other times individuals can have suffered in many ways and trauma or pain becomes the template for how they treat themselves, others and their lifestyle choices in order to cope. We are constantly building on life's journey. Sometimes resetting our brains in order to keep sanity intact and to find clarity on why these things happened or why we feel the way we do on many levels. In a perfect world we would all grasp a deeper understanding and build upon the events of our lives to receive more harmony and peace. But this is no perfect life and world and experiences provide deep wounds that hurt and as humans we are all gonna experience pain. It is hard for people to process their decisions, their shame and regrets. Speaking for myself I've always trusted the events of my life. In times discomfort, pleasure, joy and fear I always knew that what was unfolding was happening for a reason and I was in control to a certain degree at a certain age to choose my responses and perspectives. I always was a very deep thinker and feeler. Always very connected to the "feeling" of my connections to this life. As a child at times I would imagine what my life would be if I were in a different family or in a different place in the world. Not with a strong desire to belong anywhere else but with a curious mind of what if. When you allow yourself the luxury to sit in your experiences; no matter the pain or the enjoyment; in a manner of what is happening here you have reached a level of mindfulness that takes time to cultivate. Usually as Children we don't view the world from eyes that are able to process the details of our experiences, we just go through the motions sometimes as a spectator to our own existence. Watching ourselves with a magnifying glass and in a place to criticize our selves and this is how many people begin to lack confidence and self love. We live in a society that leaves minimal room to process and feel our own Emotions. We are constantly moving from place to place, relationship to relationship, highs and lows and minimal room to process or even ask yourself how did this experience benefit me or what did it teach me. With a mind that allows room to perceive life experiences as half full versus half empty gives hope. It allows a space for dreaming and faith to reside. It gives you permission to revisit outdated perspectives and change your mind, heart and intentions with future decisions. It truly gives you strength, courage and wisdom. There is no time table or template for how you should perceive or feel anything you go through but it should always be a goal to come out on top. The desire to survive with a balance and peace will override ALL things. Strive for the ultimate experience and the highest perception for clarity and peace.

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