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5 tips on how to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life

Is joy, peace, meaningfulness and true happiness attainable in todays

society? Can you truly be fulfilled with your life?

Living in today's society there is so much hustle and bustle leaving minimal room for the average person to truly enjoy the current state of their life. Many adults are on a hamster wheel running from one job to the next. I have been in the position so often on my life journey where people are highly shocked at how happy I am and just genuinely fulfilled with my life I appear to be. while their perception is merely that, it is mostly correct. I am genuinely happy with myself and my current life. While that does not mean it is perfect nor am I, I truly am at peace. I've been asked how is it you move so peacefully, able to be silly and happy just so naturally. I really begin to think to myself why do people have such a hard time at happiness, and just being fulfilled at life in general? Do people truly want to be at peace? or do people literally have no clue at how to obtain fulfillment? I wish the answers were cut clear and dry but that would be much to simple and unrealistic. What I have below is 5 tips on how to live a more fulfilled meaningful life starting now.

Ask yourself, " am I truly happy at this very moment with who I am, where i am and what I am doing?" If you are not able to answer this question with an honest yes, when was the last time you truly felt happiness?

Tip #1 - Don't compare your life, lifestyle or any aspect of who you are to other people

I know that in today's time and age of technology with so many different social media sites; it is almost inevitable to avoid seeing so many details of another person's world. I mean even celebrities who were once very unattainable on a privacy level. Now you open your phone, and you can literally see the perceived lifestyle of almost anyone. I say all of that to say this. That is THEIR world which may be totally awesome from looking on the outside in and honestly it may just be out right awesome. It's okay to admire that, it is never okay to want someone's life. Even those people have hick ups, flaws and sorrows and you know that but still choose to disregard that knowing for the fantasy you are creating from the perception you are feeding yourself. If you have enough to time, put such energy into admiring and desiring another person's life or body etc, you can put that same energy into yourself.

Tip #2 - Self Awareness is key

I know that it is easy to say, love yourself, but honestly the key to all doors begins at knowing yourself. This means good, bad and indifferent. When you are a person that has a high level of self-awareness there leaves room for higher confidence, being more honest with yourself about shortcomings and things you wish to change about YOU. When you know yourself, you've taken time to truly study yourself and to give yourself that type of effort naturally your selflove is higher. If you don't know yourself, you are prone to wearing all types of masks and creating personas that replicate who you wish you were and, in most cases, you don't really like yourself. You cannot be truly fulfilled with any aspect of your life if you don't know YOU. Study and truly learn YOU.

"To know yourself, you must sacrifice the illusion that you already do."-Vironika Tugaleva

Tip #3 - Self Care is a must

The fact is this, when you take care of yourself in all totality, mind body and spirit, you naturally can live a more meaningful life, for me this includes, healthy eating, good quality coffee, physical activity, being outside and lots of self-pampering. There is no template to self-care, but it will always include quality experiences for what you desire. For some people that is a massage for others it may be reading. Whatever you do for self-care just make sure its balanced and you don't neglect your living space or your temple. ALWAYS check yourself there if these areas are issues for you. Self-care is necessary, if you don't take care of you, who will?

Tip #4 - Take some time to be alone

Being alone is one of the biggest things i push for people that have issues with obtaining true happiness and fulfillment. When you spend time with yourself no intervention, no extra chatter and noise, you have the time to really focus on resting or working. If you use your time to work on something, make sure that it benefits you. Having to be around people all the time is a sign of co-dependency, if you can't be alone for a day or week etc, that poses you rely on outside sources to pour into you for your happiness, and happiness comes from within. Time alone can really be peaceful and a great opportunity for further exploration into the reasons you are happy or not and you can plan and work on the life you truly want versus just thinking about it. Time alone can be so beneficial if used wisely.

Tip #5 - Surround yourself with people that exude happiness and love

Last but not least, look at your connections: Family, Friends, Lovers, Business, etc. When you are not alone, do the people you give your attention and time to have peaceful and meaningful lives. Are they happy? Are the places you go of high frequency energy? or do they drain you? The environment you live in does the feng shui give you peace or anxiety? The answers to these questions can literally change your life and add a deeper perspective that truly can add peace to your life. If the people you deal with closely that take your time don't have peace, meaning or true fulfillment in their lives, what makes you think being around them will add that to yours? what makes you think that they want you to be happy? If You want peace you have to choose it and when it isn't present, why are you torturing yourself? Why are you not changing the dynamics of your circle or environment?

In closing

Remember every day is a new day that presents an opportunity to change the circumstances of improvement, if you struggle with finding meaning and happiness in your life, it is time to start planning a new life. True peace and happiness begin on the inside, you got this, it is literally an inside job. Do the work, if you made it to the bottom of this, just know you are already one step ahead of the game.

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rita dee
rita dee
Feb 23, 2022

Thank you so much😍❤


This is a great post and wonderful messages and tips

I hope this gets read by a lot of people we all need to read this


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