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Shhhhhhh break it down📢

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

To speak or not to speak❓

Introvert vs extrovert✨

Lets talk about it✨

I Decided to write about this topic Because it is such a strong debate when in dialogue discussing throat chakra, over and under active, the power of the tongue, communication styles and

Communication and the strength or

weakness that lies between the two individuals, the talker and the thinker. The extrovert and introvert, who is more powerful, which position holds more weight. The fact is there is there is no

Hierarchy. The most powerful is the one that can understand both positions and recognize the need for both.

It is a topic I can speak deeply on because i have 2 sons one I would consider to be more of a extroverted introvert...because there are always grey areas and the youngest is definitely much more introverted, but when its time to talk and he is interested its ready set go. As a woman that has raised both personality types, i understand the pros and cons both can face in the judgment of the world. I myself am verbal, i choose to speak, write letters and communicate freely as needed. Typically I am quiet, when im tired, resting, thinking, sad, stressed, uninterested in what is going on around me or disconnected from the people in my space or the space itself. I'm the type to talk as much as I want when I know the topic well and can give insight or experience..if im looking to learn i will be quiet. If im not interested or looking to connect i will be quiet as well. But im very extroverted when and only when im extremely comfortable and want to be. My perspective on the strength of being either or is this. Both positions are needed. Both positions hold weight. We all hear often sayings that go as follows, being loud doesn't make you right, or less talk more action, and many other things that point negative dialogue over being a talker. I actually read a social media post from a young lady I follow who even insinuated that talking a lot is a sign of weakness, being anxious and even insecure etc. I responded to her with a few words and they were as follows, "being a talker is one of the oldest forms of communication to the living and the dead, speaking is such a powerful tool for communication that it has literally been forbidden to enslave and abuse, when you are confident in your position as being a woman with minimal words you will see the power a loud voice with many words can have rather you choose to speak or not. Being quiet and being loud holds power. Knowing when to utilize the one that's needed is even more powerful."

NEVER feel like you need to demean or diminish anything or anybody Just Because you feel the need to inadvertently compete, that actually is a sign or insecurity and weakness. This lady has a very large following in the spiritual community and it always reminds me that no matter the platform, the success level or how popular, people still are very closed minded and deeply connected to competing with other humans for Who is "BETTER" "STRONGER" "MORE DEEP". There is a time for silence which provides a resting aura, a time to observe, to collect, to restore, to learn, to meditate, to gather your thoughts and plan. There is a time to talk when its time to share, engage, exchange information, teach, network, etc. It is very important to know quiet has its stereotypes and negative judgements as being dumb, passive, weak, etc. I on the other hand understand the power of resting your throat, taking notes and planning. Even as a talker I learned very early every room doesn't deserve, need or desire to hear me speak, nor do I want to. I also learned that closed mouths don't get fed. And when its time to be heard NEVER hold back. There is a power in knowing when, where and how to be yourself and allow others to do the same with out comparing them. Never underestimate the position you think you figured out when it comes to communication. Respect those that hold whatever gift they have. While doing that you respect yourself and your gift without the negativity and insecurity.



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All of This!! There is power in talking and power in silence. And knowing when to do either is a gift.

rita dee
rita dee
Dec 28, 2021
Replying to

Exactly..people always want there to be a choice or hierarchy silence is not always the best choice.

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