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Money COMES and GOES

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

The power of money does not trump the power of the individual making it.

Money is energy in a physical form

Its utilized to grow and sustain an earthly experience.

Its utilized to survive

It is not to be obsessed over or presumed to be a tool to create happiness.

It is merely a tool.

Don't be a fool or a slave to this tool..

Play the game.. Don't get played by the game.

Don't be a slave to desire, to greed

Gain to build, give and release when necessary.

Money is a tool, when you leave this earth

Its no longer yours, no matter how much you have, no matter how much money you leave your family

Its temporary in the palm of your hands

You can't control it once it leaves your hands.

Your family may benefit from it or may dissolve because of it.

Stay firm in who you are and as you grow financially, stay educated on the traditions rooted in finances.

We hold the power to create, to share, to build. With the resource of money, we can do great things. Sometimes people may want to take what you have in access and that's the other side of it, the thieves, the scammers, etc.

The physical dollar does not trump the man making it. Know the difference.

Value accordingly


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