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Honor Your Truth

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Every living being has a story, a truth, a reality to which has contributed to the essence of who they are, the way they navigate this life. In all that you do, in your life, remain true to you and your journey. At times that may be difficut being that individuality is many times forwned upon and being accepted and fitting in seem to be the most simplistic route. Its actually much harder to upkeep a facade and to keep on a mask. It can become tiring and exhaust you spiritually and emotionally leaving you undefeated and lost. When you honor your truth you are saying,"i am not looking to be perfect or fit in", im am ok with who i am and what it took for me to get here. To honor your truth is to accept yourself as you are in the present moment, even when the goal is to advance or better yourself, your trust the present position you hold in this life as the guide, the teahcer, the lesson.

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