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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

It is on my mind tonight to just discuss the most simple aspect of boundaries. Boundaries are placed in your personal space to protect your aura, to conserve your peace of mind, to teach people that are reckless that you too have limits. To have no bounds is to be limitless, to have no protection to be open to anything and everything in your personal space. Boundaries are knowing how to say no, boundaries are also walking away from any circumstances that are disrespecting your peace of mind. sometimes people don't know what they are doing that is disrespectful or they simply do not care. To remain open with no boundaries is a open invitation to any and all things, there is nothing that is excluded. For every relationship you have, rather that is platonic, business, familial or romantic. Create a space and a time for you. Ask yourself where is it that you need to create more boundaries? When is the last time you said no and meant it? How easy or hard is it for you to say no? Do you feel respected in the boundaries you have created for you?

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