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Be in acknowledgement and ownership of your own emotions

Often times in life there will be moments when you come in contact with people, events, circumstances and decisions that may hurt you. You may be in a environment that is not conducive to the best version of yourself. You may be the product of a abusive past relationship, traumatic childhood, bullying, heartbreak, poverty, losses, grief, and many events that have put a damper on your emotions and spirit. These life events have not HAPPENED to you; they are merely events that have taken place on your life course. They can be used to build character or to break you down, based on how you decide to heal from them. All circumstances no matter the role you play require for you to take the necessary steps to face how you feel and what you want to do. Obviously when it comes to children the choices to stand up for ones self or to leave situations or even to heal are not always optional. But as adults that have survived many pains we always have a choice in how we want to respond to our hurt and pain. As we deal with getting older and facing the realties of our lives, the goal must be to obtain a joy and peace within that is not disturbed by the forces outside of us. This is easy to put into words but requires much self work and honesty. The goal is not to disregard how you feel but to say I am hurt, I am pissed and I am mad or sad, or whatever emotion is prevalent at the moment, in these moments this is a very vital step to self healing. To feel these negative emotions are not necessarily bad, when they take ownership over you, and control the course of your day, week and life that is when it becomes a bad thing. We have to look at these events as wounds that are not healed and that need proper dressing and care. When you acknowledge you pain, you are taking the steps to remove the resentment, shame and position as a victim. The people that have hurt us intentionally have their own pain that is unhealed, we can not carry that pain for them and heal ourselves. We can not give our power to the situation and forces that participated in them. We can not rack our brains with the question of why "me". You are a survivor, we are all survivors of the evil forces of this world and the hands of other humans. We deserve peace and love, free from the bondage of our past. Even more so from unintentional pain like grief or loss of love, finances or jobs. These things just happen as life happens, not as a vendetta against your peace. If we establish that in life the longer we live the more experiences we will have to shape us and some of these experiences hurt. We can use that to teach another person to help them recover. WE ARE NOT EXEMPT FROM PAIN. WE ARE NOT SLAVES TO THE PAIN WE SUFFERED. Provide yourself the space and opportunity to grieve the loss and the pain from the lesson. Allow yourself the time to heal. It is not a race, it is not a destination and boom you are finished. It is a journey that involves percentages and levels, its not about perfection, it is about balance and forgiveness. Forgive the experience even if you cant not forgive the individual that caused your pain. Forgive yourself for any self blame, or harm you have administered to your own heart and take everyday one step at a time. Live in present time and affirm, I am hurt, and I am human but I am healing and I am safe. I create my own destiny. I deserve to be loved. I accept the reality of my journey. I am not my pain. I am not my past. I am present and protected. I am worthy of healing. I am worthy of truth. I am worthy of freedom. I am free from the bondage of my trauma. I acknowledge my pain. I own my emotions. My emotions don't control me.

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