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New Moon Love

New Moon Love

These candles were created intuitively under new moon in Aries energy.  The gender is feminine, the element water, emphasis placed on the planetary moon aligment and good for third eye chakra rituals and spiritual work.  If you have spiritual connection to deites Zeus, Luna or even Mars and Jupiter these candles would be great for you..  These candles are great for releasing od energy that no longer serves you, protection from accidents, repelling evil, for good luck, healing, purification, enlightenment and success.  Never leave a candle burning unattended.

  • whats included

    These candles come as a package that will include 4 different candles within this collection, sizes may vary.


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A Global & Small-Scale Provider

Sheabutterlovee was established by Maurita Donaldson in San Diego originally known for my amazing whipped sheabutter, i have also expanded to provide body scrubs, bath soaks and other holistic healing items such as sage to my products.  Sheabutterlovee was founded in 2018.  I had the vision of providing skin care products that would help all ages with severe dry skin.  My goal was to keep my products as organic and natural as possible.  Through local community events and social media networking my brand has expanded and grown to reach people everywhere and has provided a variety of natural products that keep people coming back for more.

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